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Par 4 - 384 Yards

Hole 1 Video

This 384 yard opening hole eases you into to your round.

Hole 1 is designed with a wide fairway to accommodate golfers to reach the green on the second shot. The location of the green, which is next to the pond, will force golfers to maintain a fairly straight shot and careful approach.

Par 4 - 411 Yards

Hole 2 Video

This hole requires golfers to start with a straight tee shot to avoid lateral water hazard and bunkers on the left side. Reaching the green is another challenge. With a water hazard crossing the fairway and bunkers in the front and right side of the green, a calculated shot is needed to avoid overshoot.

Par 4 - 398 Yards

Hole 3 Video

Hole 3 provides different kind of challenge for golfers. The par 4 hole has a narrow fairway guarded by bunkers on both sides, and on the left side is out of bound. The narrow landing zone on the fairway requires a good tee shot accuracy.


Par 4 - 396 Yards

Hole 4 Video

Hole 4 is the shortest hole with a wide and straight fairway with almost no obstacle to worry about except the out of bound on the left side. Considering the low level of obstacles, this hole offer a great opportunity for golfers to earn par or even birdie

Par 3 - 212 Yards

Hole 5 Video

Hole 5 is a combination of beauty and challenge. It provides green with a fair slope and bunkers on both side of the green.

Par 5 - 569 Yards

Hole 6 Video

Hole 6 provides a challenges for those who are up to the challenge. In order to reach the green on the second shot, a long calculated tee shot is required not only to reach the center of the fairway, but to avoid the out of bound on the left side.


Par 4 - 434 Yards

Hole 7 Video

This long par 4 offers a great challenge for low handicap golfers. The dogleg design added the challenge especially for those who posses skills to make long tee shots and are willing to take risks to go over bunker.

Par 3 - 235 Yards

Hole 8 Video

Hole 8 is the longest and most difficult par 3 with 235 yard distance from black tee box and 220 from blue tee box. The wind coming from the opposite direction and bunkers around the green increase the level of difficulties.

Par 5 - 631 Yards

Hole 9 Video

The longest par 5 on the course. Although it is relatively straight, the first obstacle is a pond that should be avoided with 260 yard shot. The wind coming from opposite direction adds extra challenge. With the longest distance, pond and uphill slope, in the history of the Club there is no golfers ever made to the green on the second shot.


Par 4 - 426 Yards

Hole 10 Video

The hole has a fair distance and narrow fairway with out of bound on the left side to avoid. Golfers should be careful and precise in calculating distance to the green since it is located on a higher ground and guarded by deep bunker on the right side.

Par 4 - 372 Yards

Hole 11 Video

Hole 11 has a dog-leg left hole with out of bound
(ob) on the left side and lateral water hazard on the right side. Changes in wind directions will add the challenge to golfers to reach the elevated green which guarded by deep bunker in front of it.

Par 3 - 175 Yards

Hole 12 Video

Hole 12 is a beautiful signature hole. The hole has a downhill green surrounded by water and bunkers, which provides quite a challenge for higher handicap golfers.


Par 4 - 443 Yards

Hole 13 Video

Hole 13 is a beautiful yet tricky and difficult hole
to conquer. Lateral water hazard splitting the fairway and a bunker on the right side will
raise the challenge for making a perfect tee
shot.  The green is guarded by lateral water
hazard on the left and bunker on the right.

Par 5 - 561 Yards

Hole 14 Video

Hole 14 is an amazing par 5 to test you golf skills. A relatively straight fairway is guarded by a bunker to avoid to get a better chance for the second shot. A very good calculation is needed to reach the green as there are several bunkers to avoid and water pond trap on the right side of the green.

Par 4 - 415 Yards

Hole 15 Video

Hole 15 is  a quite challenging dog-leg left par 4
hole. Golfers need to make a good tee shot in order to avoid a lateral water hazard on the left side and fairway bunker on the right side. Only a good and straight drive will reward an easy second shot to the green. The green is guarded by a bunker on the left side of it.


Par 4 - 453 Yards

Hole 16 Video

Hole 16 is the longest par 4 hole in Pondok Indah
Golf course. It has a lateral hazard along the left side fairway which require golfers to maintain straight shots in order to reach the green. The green is guarded by bunkers on the left side.

Par 3 - 193 Yards

Hole 17 Video

Hole 17 is  a quite long par 3. A lateral water
hazard that splits the fairway and a long hard
bunker on the left side will rise the challenge.

Par 5 - 535 Yards

Hole 18 Video

The last and yet most challenging hole on the course. Provided an out of bound (ob) and a long hard sandy surface on the left side as well as a deep fairway bunker on the right side, golfers are forced to make a perfect tee shot. In addition, there are two big water pond on the sides of the fairway.  A careful plan for the second shot is needed  iIn order to reach the green that is located on higher-level ground and guarded by deep bunkers on the left and right sides.


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